Who i am?

I want to start by saying that….i am a human,like all of you.I have a heart …like all of you …a soul but only like mine.
I also begin by thanking to Bogdan because he had the pleasure and the necessary confidence to a part of his blog. I want to thank him for the nice way he characterized me and the true words with what he made it! I think and not just ,that we will do a great team.
Me for those who read the already or those who will read, I am tearsof cristal. And not just that.I am here and everywhere! Probably you will wounder why this name? Probably I am characterize by the purity of the crystal and the sincerity of the tears.I am a sociable person, maybe too sociable ….I have a cute smile……a cute face …..and I have a warm soul.I like to watch a flower….to listen to the sea….to sing the happiness!Just that I can say about me , because the rest I want that you readers, to discover me.
I hope like bogdan said , to awaken in you the interest and the pleasure to read our articles, to apreciate and to criticize us.And even I am new at this blogger job and this is my first blog which I have the pleasure to write ,I’m not afraid of anything , because I do it with pleasure, and we all know that if you do what you like no matter how hard it is all will be and seem much easier and simple.
In general a boy and a girl form a good team and so should be, I hope we will form one of success in blogging , in articles, in ideas and thoughts.Definitely me and Bogdan we will be a good team!

Ne cerem scuze daca s-au mai strecurat greseli, dar sper sa fie un inceput bun in ceea ce priveste articolele in limba engleza!

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