Who i am

Hello dear reader and i want to thank you for landing on my blog,about me what i can say according tom y chinese zodiac I am a tiger,according to the european zodiac I am sagittarius,according to the japanese zodiac I am Empress ( other zodiac i don’t know)
But actually I am just and simple man that trying to overcome all the difficulties of life with a smile , my opinion is if you try to smile even if your soul and body cry you will move more easily over anything.I am person that will try always to amuse , I am the one that will always try to help , I am that person that often maybe strike his head against the wall before he looks up and see him.
My name is Petrila Florin Bogdan born at December 8 ,1986( you do the calculation for the age) I am from Arad, since February 1,2004 and I just found out that I suffer from a chronic disease called diabetes mellitus type 1 insulin-dependent disease(actually it’s to ugly to say that this a disease better and more beautiful and the true word is “a condition”) of what at the beginning I didn’t knew nothing but now she have become my best friend, a condition that made me see life differently,o condition that made me grow up a little forced, a condition that made me smile and be more optimistic because I think of one thing:
Smile today, tomorrow can be worst!
I like very much photography, I like blogging , I like nature and walk as much as possible , I like people and to work with them.
I work since I was little (since I graduated from high school) in commerce and this I like because I have the opportunity to work and meet many people.
As supporting information to find out more about me you can find and on my page of facebook, and if you read the article from this blog you will find an part of my heart and soul bedding into rows.

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